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Walking among the olive trees

The olive tree 

That  "Calabrese" differs from the other species present throughout the Mediterranean area mainly for the large size both for the height of the plant itself and for the twisted but quite cylindrical stems especially in the ultra-secular plants which are present  in the great majority in the so-called "plain of Gioia Tauro".

Even today the olive tree is an integral part of the economic fabric of our area, having unique fruiting qualities obtaining oils of the highest quality and appreciated all over the world, therefore the respect and maintenance of the species is the foundation of our ideals

About Us 

Parketradeis now an internationally renowned brand in trading  Olive wood . Target achieved thanks to its young and dynamic management always attentive and vigilant on the market.....

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A different approach and a new manufacturing method.

Thanks to our experience accumulated over the years 

we managed to obtain excellent results by giving a different light to this type of wood ...

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Our products

This particular essence is suitable for the realization of multiple articles, starting from the trunk and then moving on to Olive timber, semi-finished products and more....

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Information dated 12/2021

The Company has received benefits falling under the State aid regime and the de minimis regime for which there is an obligation to publish
in the National register of State aid pursuant to art. 52 of Law 234/2012

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